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Are you a teacher that wants to better understand and support students with learning disabilities?



Creating Inclusion


Navigating an IEP


Creating a Class Plan


Parent Communication


Best Practices and

Warning Signs as they relate to:


ABA Therapy


Music Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Sensory Integration


Physical Therapy


Dance Therapy


Social Therapy


Yoga Therapy


Art Therapy

Speech Therapy


Animal Therapy


Vision Therapy


Nutritional Basics


     Most teachers are not trained to understand the complexities of working with a student with special needs or a learning disability. It often takes time, training and experience for teachers to feel   prepared to achieve success with these students.  Teach●able has been designed to expedite the process and create confidence in teachers to better guide students to success.


This foundational program introduces concepts and tools that an educator can use to create a classroom environment of inclusion and academic gains. Each presentation is delivered by a professional expert of that field and provides key insights on strategies .

Teach●able focuses on understanding key concepts and techniques in supporting students with special needs and learning disabilities. Some of the ideas focused on are:

  • How to Create Inclusion

  • How to Implement         an IEP / 504 Plan

  • Parent Communication

  • Understanding Therapy Options

  • Identifying students that may need   extra support and providing practical solutions

  • And More 

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Teach●able offers additional Certification and Education Opportunities with
School and District Information Available 
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