Who are we?



To enrich, improve and empower the lives of children with Autism through series of community building programs and parental training, so children obtain optimal success with health improvements and independence.

We are a team of parents, siblings, teachers, therapists, coaches, doctors and friends. We are a community that supports our kids through hard times and celebrates the good times. We know how an Autism diagnosis can flip your world upside down. We are here to help you map out a plan. We also want you to take comfort, you are not alone. We will stand by you and with God anything is possible. 



To provide an educational platform and informational clearinghouse, mentoring, training and support for

parents, pastors and teachers to empower families to successfully navigate their child’s special needs journey for optimal success.

Abilities Workshop is seeking Parents that want to contribute ideas, insights and time to grow our mission:

Helping Kids Be Their Best 

Ideally, Parents will be in Central Florida and able to attend quarterly conversations 


To Learn More, Volunteer or Nominate Someone Please contact us HERE