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Abilities Workshop is dedicated to serving families and caregivers to those with special needs so that they can be their best! 

These pages are designed to help you find resources, information, guidance and encouragement at no cost. 

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Upcoming Events

Friday - Sunday

June 14th - 16th 2024

Down Syndrome Walk

October 12, 2024

Saturday November 9th, 2024

Friday November 22th 2024

Together Conference

Coming March 2024

March 12-15th 2025

AccessAbility the EVENT

Coming April 2024

 May  2025

Dreamable THE EVENT

July 11th 2024

October 27, 2024

November 15th-17th 2024

I CARE Event

Abilities Workshop event coming February 2024 

Converge confrence

March 4th -5th, 2025


Coming March 2025

April 11-12, 2025


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