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Would you like your church to better support the special needs community?




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Becky Davidson

Co-Founder of Rising Above Ministries

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Founder of Servant Financial Group

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Tim and Marie Kuck

Founders of Nathaniel's Hope

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Phillip Clark

Founder of ENABLE

Scarlett Kibby

Founder of Special Needs Guidance Group 

Sibling Support

Emily Holl

Director, Sibling Support Project

Knowing Your Therapy Options

Markisha Hall

Educator and Advocate

Speaking to the Single Parent

Carmen Brown

Founder of SPRAK

The IEP Challenge

Matt and Larissa Morgan



God's Plan 

 Pastor Craig Johnson

Founder of Champions Club


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     Many churches are struggling to find the best ways to support the special needs community. With limited resources and limited volunteers, it is possible that a church may not have a program in any capacity. You may not realize it, but kids with special needs are already attending your Sunday programming. These kids may be the ones who have trouble sitting still during craft time, run out of worship, or have a hard time focusing. When a child with special needs gets turned away on Sunday, it's not only the child who gets denied, but also the siblings, parents, and grandparents. Other churches have created thriving ministry services and are looking for ways to continue to pour into these families. In either case, Faithful and Able has been carefully designed to support your situation.

   Faithful & Able was designed to not only help you support the special needs community, but to also help you welcome them to your church family on Sundays.  We want to partner with you to give you the tools to help all kids be successful and to help you be prepared when new families come through your doors. Then you can take that next step and offer our Faithful & Able program to support these families and help them navigate through their special needs journey.

One Program

2 Paths to Success

Small Groups


Use Faithful & Able as a resource for your current parents in a small group or support group setting. 

 Small Groups are the foundation of a thriving church community, and now you can offer your special needs families this unique small group opportunity. Most special needs parents feel alone when they join a regular life group because no one else understands what they are going through.

  Give these parents a chance to build a faith community and have the support they need as they navigate through this unique journey with other parents who are going through similar experiences. Faithful & Able is a 9-part series that can be used in a small group setting for 9 weeks. 

  Each Faithful & Able package includes workbooks for attendees and a Production Guide to help you lead your small groups.


Community Event


Use Faithful & Able as an event to show your support for the special needs community and welcome new families to your church

 Many families in the Special Needs Community have a hard time finding resources and churches that can accommodate their child. A majority of special needs parents are uneasy with the church as they feel they have been rejected, some turning away from religion altogether.

  Use Faithful & Able as a community event where you can show your support, compassion, and care for the Special Needs Community, thus expanding your opportunity to grow your congregation.

  Turn this 9-part series into a large-scale community event held in one day. Each Faithful & Able package includes workbooks for attendees and a Production Guide to help you lead your community event.


  We help churches all over the United States welcome special needs families in their doors. We have partnered with churches of all sizes, whether this is starting a Buddy System in their current ministry or creating a new Special Needs Ministry. We understand that every church is different and needs specific tools and resources to navigate within their church. 

  This is why we provide one-on-one consulting to give you the appropriate tools to help all your children succeed on Sunday. Our team is comprised of industry professionals with ministry and therapy backgrounds. 

  When you buy a Faithful & Able Program you will be paired one on one with one of our consultants who will help you learn the tips and tricks on how to deal with negative behaviors on Sunday, how to welcome new special needs families, and give you the proper resources to have a flourishing ministry.

Coachingfor  Sunday Morning

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Northland Church and Access Ministry


Rhythms of Grace and Community Art Connection 

Please enjoy a sample of the Worship Songs included in Faithful and Able

Faithful and Able is important

The focus of this program is to help churches continue to create solutions for the special needs families in their community as an extension of programs in place or as a starting point to build a path forward.

A message from Jeanetta Bryant

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We are excited to see how God is using this program to reach families and pull communities together. Each church and congregation are unique and have different needs.  We are proud to be able to customize these packages and personalize the support to accommodate any budget.  

Full Media / Workbooks and Coaching Kits start at $299

Fun Fact

The cover of Faithful and Able was designed by children with a special needs diagnosis, it represents the 6 winners of an online contest with more than 1,500 votes!

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