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Looking TO Plan for your 14-24 Year Old?

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Post Secondary Transition

Dr. Lisa B. Jester

Co-Founder & Executive Director 

The Florida Institute for Community


Inclusion High School IEP Transition Angela West-Brown

ARWBrown Educational Coaching Services, LLC.

College Options

W. Drew Andrews 

Florida Center for Students with

Unique Abilities at UCF


Transitioning to College

Barbara Simeroth, M.S. Ed.

Founder, Spectrum-Wise


Employment Skills

Rori Becker

Co-Founder, VIPworks Design

On The Job Training

Stephany Segatti

Best Buddies International


Government Benefits

Sarah Jacobs,

Esquire Board Certified

Social Security Disability Attorney

Finding Employment

Keith Bourkney

Executive Director, employU

Youth Transition Programs

Desiree Robles

Employment Programs Magnify of Central Florida


Vocational Rehabilitation

Sue Grover, M.A.



Day Programs

Heather Subbert

Community Art Connection​

Social Skills

Rachel Slavkin, M.Ed.

RAISE Director of Employment & Education, Social Bridges



Holly Roper, M.A. Counselor,



Sports & Exercise

Adam Grams

Special Olympics


Housing Options

Michelle Lawrence Residential 

Primrose Center, Inc.


Transportation Options

Lendy Castillo 


THe Program

A Peek Inside the Portal

As our kids with special needs begin to transition through high school and beyond there are many things to consider as you help them navigate this new journey.


What does Turning 18 mean for our family?

How do you factor in guardianship? 

What living and transportation options are available?

Will they continue on to college or a day program? 

The Experts

Everything seems overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Dreamable has been designed specifically for you and your child or loved one to find the path forward and to determine the best way of shaping that plan. 

This program consists of a comprehensive 3-part workbook series, video presentation and a treasure trove of resources to expand your understanding of what the transitional age means. 

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Self-Advocate, Robert Schmus provides hope and encouragement as he has defied the odds learning to embrace his diagnosis and help others, going from patient to Counselor. 

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This series of workbooks have been designed by Devon, a student of the nonPareil Institute, powered by Autism. Devon found his passion for art and writing in 4th grade. He especially enjoys drawing transformer characters! Devon wants to write and create his own comic books.

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Parent Programs

offered by Abilities Workshop

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