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Our Story

It wasn’t long ago that we were scrambling to understand what “Autism” meant. What this diagnosis meant to our daughter and her development as well as what it meant to our family. It was scary trying to determine what to do next and trying so hard to do it quickly and efficiently.


We didn’t want to miss anything and everyone was diligent in explaining that therapy was best received when she was younger. Knowing that there were ideal times made our urgency to formulate a game plan and then the execution of it that much more important.


In our journey Lindsey has moved from having severe autistic behaviors to now having more traditional neurotypical behaviors. Her formal diagnosis was at age 3 and we have been peeling back the layers of her recovery for more than 9 years. All of the glory is to God. We firmly believe that God has introduced us to the right parents and experts at the right time for us to be able to receive the information and try implementation of it with our daughter.

It is because this community of amazing warrior parents have been so good to us that we feel obligated to “pay it forward”. These workshops are a chance to have the best of all of the information that has been gathered by us and those that came before us delivered to you in a comprehensive guide.


We know that every child is different, every family is different and that there is no easy “fix” to figuring out Autism. Some children can find optimal success more easily than others. Our goal is to help parents find the right path for them so each child can be their best.

Jeanetta Bryant

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