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We are delighted to invite you to be a part of the

Makers Market 2023. This one of a kind event is designed to support those impacted and families of those with a special needs diagnosis. This "Purchase with a Purpose" night will be a festive night allowing for fundraising and financial growth for the special needs community.


Merchants can be adults with a disability that have a product they sell OR a family with a special needs diagnosis that is fundraising for a medical treatment, service animal, adoption or other worthy cause. All items need to be packaged and ready for sale at time of event. There are no onsite creations.  

Non-Profit Organizations may participate and use this platform as a fundraiser, if you have an  item or items that could be sold. Nonprofits that choose to participate will be required to have a product for sale. Otherwise, materials can be handed out as a Sponsor. 

Sponsors are essential to our community and we are grateful for all that you contribute to our families in ways of services and help. If you are interested in distributing information to the attendees of Makers Market, please consider having a booth at the November event.

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