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Phone: 407-790-4903

 Who/What do the proceeds benefit?

The proceeds received will be reinvested in equipment required to make candles and scrubs on a bigger scale. Currently we have the equipment good for making small batches and it takes a great amount of time. We also look forward to continuing supporting and expanding our vocational program.


 We currently have available the FALL and HOLIDAYS COLLECTIONS.. Quantities are limited and we will be able to take pre-orders up to December 2nd for the Holidays Collection only. We hope to receive the material needed on time and have orders ready and delivered by December 10th.


This student-run business will provide on-campus, supported vocational training for our Pathway Program students and the Trailblazers. Our goal is for this business to fully support our young adult programming, and to provide all of our young adults with a supported environment in which to work, earn a paycheck, and become more self-sufficient and empowered, all while providing life and vocational skill training to all of our students!


Melissa K. DeBella-Bharath is a joyful 27 year old who loves happy, bright colors. Nature's colors are a delight to her mind and sweet spirit, and she loves to display such in her artwork. Having Down syndrome hasn't stopped her from being creative, and this trait has evolved into having her own business of greeting cards, home decor and such.

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I work at Gary Yeomans Ford of Palm Bay as a receptionist on Malabar Rd for 7 years Mon- Fri till 2:30 p.m.  I am building a small business as a licensed & insured Mobile Nail Technician in the afternoon, nights & weekends.  I offer nail services to special needs families & elderly women who can't leave the house & want to look beautiful. My service helps all women look & feel better from the comfort of their own home. I also make custom hand painted press-ons nails & have affordable accessories (earrings, bracelets & lash strips) for sale. I'm hoping to add mobile Barbershop services in the next few years with my son who has Autism.

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Chris is a self-published author who has Asperger's Syndrome. He has worked hard to fit into a world that often doesn't understand who he is. His interest in drawing and creating stories began in childhood as a way to be in a world that was safe for him. He wrote Dotty's Freckles to inspire people who have a disability and wants to send a message that they are exceptional. He believes that it is important to be who you are and not allow others to treat you differently from anyone else. Chris is continuing to create stories that utilize original characters who understand what it means to be exceptional to create his ABLE Universe.

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Phone: (727) 364-6101


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Phone:  407 775 8188

Semone Trinity Adkins was born with Down Syndrome on May 1st, 1995.  Semone's birth and existence is truly a miracle due to the fact she was almost aborted at 7 months pregnancy.  She is still here because Yahuah did not let her be aborted.  Semone overcame all odds.

Semone Adkins was the first young lady with Down Syndrome to win a High School Homecoming Crown with a Down Syndrome King in the world in 2013.  


Semone is currently an Entrepreneur with her own personal brand representing Down Syndrome Awareness.

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Phone:  254 498 0740

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Valerie’s Gallery was born out of an art day experience Valerie had in high school where we learned of her joy in creating original art work. The full story is on the website. Check it out!!

Use coupon code VMM2021 for 25% off orders of $25.00 or more for anything bought through virtual Maker’s Market  link.

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Blossom provides all-natural artisanal products handmade by individuals with developmental disabilities. Blossom empowers these individuals with the vocational and social skills they need to become more independent while earning a paycheck.


Blossom is a social venture of Quest, Inc., serving children and adults with developmental disabilities in Central Florida for nearly 60 years.

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100% of all proceeds go to providing jobs and services to individuals with developmental disabilities through programs at Quest, Inc.



All-natural goat's milk soaps ($7.99)


All-natural soy wax candles ($9.99 - $19.99)


All-natural essential oil bath teas ($9.99)

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For over five years, ABLE United’s mission has been to educate the disability community on the benefits of ABLE accounts. We are so grateful for our partners, like The Makers Market, who believe in our mission and afford us the opportunity to share how Florida’s disability community can become savers and investors for the very first time.

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CIL was so happy to be there and to support the event because there are so many people out in our community with disabilities who truly have some amazing talents and skills that need to be shared with others. This is a fantastic opportunity to make people who don’t always feel independent, to feel valued and in turn- independent. 

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Personally, as an agent with New York Life Ins. Co. and a resident of Florida for over 40 years, my mission is to help my clients with retirement planning and establish financial security plans to assist young families and families with children with special needs. I specialize in helping small businesses develop insurance options for their employees along with my New York Life Team. My focus is on giving a peace of mind and addressing my client's needs with personalized, detailed, and value-added services.


Helping to protect families is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to making a difference in communities across the country. Through our sponsorship of Child Medical ID event, New York Life continues our mission to serve the needs of local families and build relationships on a favorable basis. We believe in supporting our local communities in any way that we can, we focus on giving back to our community by giving them a piece of mind knowing that we care about them and their children. Especially with the Abilities workshop, we love being a sponsor and supporting them in any way that we can.


Their newest Maker's Market is such an amazing event, and even though it rained out we were honored to be a part of it. We are looking forward to their next event, as we enjoy coming out to each of their events with our child medical ID machine, meeting new wonderful faces, having a great time with everyone, seeing smiling faces and giving out their medical ID FREE of charge. By having a Child Medical ID will give parents or guardians the peace of mind knowing that should anything ever happen to their child, they will have an ID and a CD with all of the vital information on it to distribute to the local authorities.

– Sheryl Flint


New York Life’s Child Medical ID Program is designed to help children in our communities learn how to stay safe in the home, at play, or wherever they happen to be.

Child IDs are created using the EZ Child ID System, the nation’s most comprehensive digital fingerprinting child identification system. Created with help from the National CHIP foundation and law enforcement officials, this system ensures that the digital fingerprints meet industry standards by capturing all vital information required by the Amber Alert system. In only three to five minutes, a Child ID card is printed for each parent or guardian free of charge. Child ID cards feature a child’s photo, fingerprints, contact information, and other pertinent data needed by the police in case of an emergency. Please note that children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No child’s information or pictures are electronically retained. All data is automatically erased after the Child ID is printed.

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“Neighbors helping neighbors” is what I would say in regards to why the Makers Market is important.

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