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Presented in Partnership with A Special Needs Plan

You are invited to the Summer Event of 2022! 

This is your chance to learn ways to shape the future for your loved one and it is being provided at NO COST. 

Simply register for the virtual sessions you would like to attend, there are LIVE Q&A's at the end of each presentation. Everyone who registers will be sent a video of the presentation so that you can watch it again or at a different time.


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Ryan Platt is one of our Trusted Experts and we are thrilled to be able to present this wonderful opportunity to you for FREE. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Session One of Shaping the Future

Friday, July 15th – 12:00pm

Planning for 2 Lifetimes


Session Two of Shaping the Future

Friday, July 22nd – 12:00pm

ABLE Accounts

and Special Needs Trusts


Session Three of Shaping the Future 

Wednesday, July 27th – 12:00pm

Transitioning to Adulthood


Session Four of Shaping the Future

Friday, August 5th – 12:00pm

Medicaid Waiver Programs


Session Five of Shaping the Future

Friday, August 12th – 12:00pm

Building the 2nd Support team


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