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June 15th-16th 2020

One Day Can Change Everything


 This event is designed to be different, in hopes that we can change the lives of so many who feel isolated and alone. Lets work together to understand how a vibrant congregation can grow and evolve with special needs ministries. Imagine having all the tools and resources to leave the event with an actual plan of action. This is the opprotunity to learn, experience and design ways to move your community forward.  

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Buy One Get One Free $225

A portion of the proceeds go to helping special needs children and adults attend Ministry Camps

Event Update

It has become clear that Covid 19 has taken a toll on us all, either medically, financially, emotionally or mentally. There are many restrictions in place, and they vary from state to state preventing some from the option to travel. Others simply may not feel confident traveling. With this in mind and coupled with the mindfulness that churches are struggling to rework time and budgets we have decided to rework Blueprint. We will not be holding a virtual or physical event in 2020. We will be glad to work one on one with any person or group that would like insight on building a disability program at their church. We will answer questions and help you craft a plan, we will connect you with industry leaders and support your efforts.

If you have bought tickets, paid for a booth or sponsorship, you will be refunded. Please email It is essential that you identify yourself and the best contact information for a refund to be issued.