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Does Your Child with Autism Need to "Catch Up" Developmentally  with their Chronological Age?

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Developmental GPS

Dr. Mark Freilich

Developmental Pediatrician

The Son-Rise Program

Camila Titone

Senior Teacher

Developmental Importance
of Sensory Integration

Lori Rothman, O.T.R. SI/NDT

How Does Environment

Affect Development?

Beth Lambert

Executive Director, Epidemic Answers
& the Documenting Hope Project


How Diet & Nutrition
Affect Development

Kelly Dorfman, M.S., L.D.N.

How Developmental Approaches
Support School Success

Corey Fox, M.A.

Owner of Developmental Dynamo

Developmental Differences of SPD vs. ASD

Maria Rickert Hong, CHHP, AADP

Certified Holistic Health Counselor


Developmental Significance

of Listening Therapies

Dr. Milagros Cordero, OTR/L


Importance of Developmental
Vision/Visual Perception

Patricia S. Lemer, M. Ed., NCC

Co-Founder & Executive Director,
Developmental Delay Resources


“Autism Language Launcher”

Kate C. Wilde

Director of Global Outreach,
The Son-Rise Program


What Do I Do Next?

Dr. Shelley Stravitz

Parent and Professional Educator:
ASD Optimal Outcomes

     If you have a child that has been diagnosed with Autism you have likely experienced them having some type of developmental delay in physical, emotional, social, or academic achievements. It has become somewhat common for a person with an Autism diagnosis to behave consistent with a younger age. It can be daunting to think or worry over what that means for their future. DEVELOPability is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to help you find solutions. We have partnered with leading industry experts to introduce you to concepts that have successfully brought consistent optimal outcomes. These methods have been proven to help children go on to lead purposeful and independent lives.


     This 3-part national series is conveniently published online, to best fit your busy schedule, and highlights all the critical topics for a family looking to learn about helping their child reach the desired developmental milestones. Additionally, you will receive 3 coinciding workbooks to help you access, study, and learn about the topics presented. The series is approximately 5.5 hours of instruction, insight, and guidance broken down into small easy to follow segments. If you are looking for an introduction to navigating an Autism diagnosis, DEVELOPability is your answer.


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 "Rolling Enrollment"
Access the entire 5.5 hour series of media on your schedule. These presentations are each broken into 3 segments and comes with 3 coinciding Workbooks mailed to your home. Once you purchase your kit you will have access to the media files for 30 days.  

Please Contact with any questions.

Inside Look

Watch this video to

see a portion of on of he DEVELOPability discussions.

Thank you to all the families and children that submitted art work in this contest. These are our three winners and they will be displayed on the covers of the upcoming Developability Series. Additionally all of the top 10 finalist will be included inside the workbook with honorable mentions. This has been a sensational experience for us and we hope to do something similar again soon.

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