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This is where you start.

Abilities Workshop invites you to come and learn what options you have and understand when pivotal moves need to take place on the Autism Timeline.  

We provide the opportunity for you to learn from industry experts and knowledgeable, experienced parents. This is your chance to have your questions answered, to find a community of support and be inspired to find hope.

We can't wait to meet you!

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Who are we? 

We are a team of parents, siblings, teachers, therapists, coaches, doctors and friends. We are a community that supports our kids through hard times and celebrates the good times. We know how an Autism diagnosis can flip your world upside down. We are here to help you map out a plan. We also want you to take comfort, you are not alone. We will stand by you and with God anything is possible. 

Mission Statement 

To enrich, improve and empower the lives of children with Autism through series of community building programs and parental training, so children obtain optimal success with health improvements and independence.

Our Purpose

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To provide an educational platform and informational clearinghouse, mentoring, training and support for parents, pastors and teachers to empower families to successfully navigate their child’s special needs journey for optimal success.


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Programs & Workshops

Have you recently had a loved one diagnosed with Autism or another special need? Are you trying to understand all the options and navigate the path for success for your child? It can be challenging. You may be considering therapy options to implement at home or determining what elements are important in your child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) in the classroom. In addition to this, knowing  you have financial planning and government benefit decisions to make may make you wonder- “where do I start?”.


Access Ability has been designed for this moment. We have partnered with 26 industry experts to bring you the resources you need to craft your child’s plan. Understanding how to navigate Autism and the critical information that surrounds it is imperative to you finding success.

If you have a child that has been diagnosed with Autism you have likely experienced them having some type of developmental delay in physical, emotional, social, or academic achievements. It has become somewhat common for a person with an Autism diagnosis to behave consistent with a younger age. It can be daunting to think or worry over what that means for their future. DEVELOPability is a one-of-a-kind program that is designed to help you find solutions. We have partnered with leading industry experts to introduce you to concepts that have successfully brought consistent optimal outcomes. These methods have been proven to help children go on to lead purposeful and independent lives.

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As our kids with special needs begin to transition through high school and beyond there are many things to consider as you help them navigate this new journey.

Everything seems overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Dreamable has been designed specifically for you and your child or loved one to find the path forward and to determine the best way of shaping that plan. 


Many churches are struggling to find the best ways to support the special needs community. With limited resources and limited volunteers, it is possible that a church may not have a program in any capacity. Other churches have created thriving access ministry services and are looking for ways to continue to pour into these families. In either case, Faithful and Able has been carefully designed to support your situation.

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 Most teachers are not trained to understand the complexities of working with a student with special needs or a learning disability. It often takes time, training and experience for teachers to feel   prepared to achieve success with these students.  Teach●able has been designed to expedite the process and create confidence in teachers to better guide students to success.


This foundational program introduces concepts and tools that an educator can use to create a classroom environment of inclusion and academic gains. Each presentation is delivered by a professional expert of that field and provides key insights on strategies .

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